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KìLI 6.0 C

KìLI 6.0 C

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Mini Dumper with self-loading dumper KìLI 6.0 C – Honda Gx270

The KìLI 6.0 C Mini Dumper with self-loading dumper is the ideal set-up for transporting inert material and heavy loads. Machine built and assembled in Italy.

The Mini Dumper Kìli with self-loading dumper, has a load capacity of 600 Kg.

The main feature that distinguishes this machine is the hydraulic system composed of a type 2 pump, a three-way flow divider, two 250cc orbital hydraulic motors.
Thanks to this plant you have two speeds (2 km/h and 3.6 km/h) and the ability to operate the self-loading shovel, tipper or concrete mixer as you go.

The Honda GX270 6.3 kW (optional electric start) is the engine chosen for this mini dumper. The fixed side guards keep it safe from stones and debris. The same degree of safety and attention to detail has been placed in the design of the tracked undercarriage, which has a sturdy sheet metal protection for the rollers, preventing the intrusion of solid bodies inside the tracks.

Plug and Play system , it makes it possible to switch from the dumper body to the concrete mixer kit, to the agricultural/forestry body, in a short time, simply by unhooking and re-hooking the desired accessory.

Mini Dumper Kìli with self-loading dumper is the perfect accessory for construction companies and more ..

The Mini Dumper Kili it is the ideal set-up for transporting inert material, heavy loads, but also liquids, in this case with a capacity of 0.21m (flat).

Recovery springs , applied to the advancement system, prevent tearing and damage to the track and the transmission parts.

Thanks to the length of the tracks and the 3 support rollers per side, the mini dumper is able to move loads even on rough, uneven or inclined terrain up to a maximum slope of 30%. The dashboard, placed in front of the operator, is presented in an intuitive way. There lever protection acts as a handle for the operator while driving. The levers always give a progressive and precise response to the movements.

platform operator of series , robust and resealable. Very little manpower .

Shipped ready to use.

Machine designed, built and assembled in Italy.

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    Michael I.
    Fast Shipping

    Fast Shipping. Perfect packaging, delivered in a well protected box. Robust machine. I recommend the purchase.