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DWALIN 5.0 and a tracked wheelbarrow motorized HONDA ELECTRIC START , designed and manufactured in Italy. The wheelbarrow was designed to have load capacity of 500 kg , extendable sides and one mechanical transmission in oil bath, with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, with steering disengagements and built-in mechanical brake .

DWALIN 5.0 was designed to make it easier for you to transport of any kind of materials in extremely difficult and not easily accessible places.

Alcamo recommends the use of the tracked wheelbarrow in the following fields: agriculture, forestry and gardening.

The various uses of the wheelbarrow in the agricultural field can be as follows: harvesting vegetables, harvesting olives, grapes, fruit, etc.

In the forestry field, the wheelbarrow gives its best: you can transport large loads of wood, travel over rough terrain, transport all the equipment required in the sector.

Thanks to the large load capacity and very high performance, these machines are able to transport heavy weights wherever it is necessary.

In particular, our machines differ in size and load capacity and in some very important details that represent the characteristics that make our machines unique on the market.

DWALIN 5.0 E can be equipped with 2 different types of cargo box: agricultural with opening sides, or with extendable sides.

All versions have a manually tipping body, easy to operate thanks to a lever located on the side of the body.

All Alcamo wheelbarrows have the basic colors gray RAL 7016, white RAL 7047 and red RALL 3027. If the official colors do not please, the customer has the possibility to customize the wheelbarrow with the following color combinations: Yellow RAL 1032, Blue RAL 5022.

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